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The 20-year history of Kurucz fűszerpaprika ...


Our company deals with nearly 20 years ago, only termeltetésével Hungarian paprika, processing and marketing.The processing plant has its own milling, processing andpackaging done in our factory where the food providedfollow-up.

From the first time we realized that the local, world-renowned tradition of the cultivation and processing to preserve our professional duty. The superior quality dueto high raw material and technology - do not go to theexpense of affordability.

The spreading rate by Kurucz's pepper is one of the cheapest.

Taste: an outstanding, intensive, so even small amounts of high gastronomic delight.
Effect: very strong vivid red color of the treated food.


Therefore, it is true, the assertion that:


A single test can justify this price-cutting, kiadósságbeli impact!
We hope - you can order - spice supplier selection do not ignore!

Megelel§ spice store in the refrigerator hygienic conditions, so we can provide nearlythe same quality of pepper as festékbomlás so minimal.

Paprika distribute the following quality grades:

 noble sweet



 Hot and sweet

The packaging is made of the following packages: 5 g-inch, 10 inch-ounces, 25ounces, 50 ounces-inch, 100-dg-os
Bulk and individual needs, are appropriately presented.

In addition, sell: ground black pepper, whole black pepper, ground white pepper,ground cumin,
fokhagymaszirmot, garlic granules, sweet marjoram, crushed marjoram, parsley
leaves, onion meal.

We also produce their own food seasoning packages bearing our name, which tastethe same as the 30-40
Hungary was ételízesít§jével years.

Food packaging in our plant any bércsomagolását hand, we undertake at our disposal
treat, packing materials.

Establishments for those who insist on their own, fűszerösszetételükhöz introduced,they have to
recipe given in the spice is produced from which product sheet is prepared, so this
given mixture remains the intellectual property of the customer.

Our factory any grinding spices (pepper, caraway, marjoram, hagymaszirom, etc ...)
bér§rlését undertake the required grain size cut.

A brief history of Szeged paprika:


The pepper plants and spices and then grinding the XVIII. centuries in Hungary, the first time in Szeged and Kalocsa regions producing region. The old cookbooks know nothing about it, at first only to the common people consumed. The first written records of the Szeged paprika piarist 1748 be known as the Book of reckoning. XIX.the turn of the century, pepper was traded.

What you can do whit it and what good for:

The peppers in the nineteenth. turn of century medicine usually included in the public mind, the only spiceshepherd. The Hungarian paprika  kitchen grease most ofCentral Europe is an important role. Oldódva fat foodsimproves the culinaryproperties of the natural színezéktartalma-carotenes and carotenoids - and containsunsaturated vegetable-miattaz biological value of food is increasing, and even the hotversion helps the fooddigestibility. A typical meal made ??from paprika, Hungarianpaprika dishes, stews, goulash, fish. Famous localspecialty of the Szeged fish soup,salami and Szeged. The food industry uses large quantities of meat products,especially szárazárukban, sausages.